Used forwarders and harvesters for sale
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Used forwarders and harvesters for sale

This site offers owners of forwarders and harvesters the opportunity to access the giant market of Russian-speakers. We expect offers for sale mainly from Baltic countries, Finland and Sweden. This is because of transportation conditions and spare parts availability.
 We prefer to sell used vehicles, but are also open to selling new forwarders and harvesters also.
1. The owner of the vehicle(s), or tenant under a contract with the owner, who wants to sell an harvester, forwarder or other vehicle signs an intermediary contract  with us.
2. In the contract we set the price for selling the vehicle, the commission, the period of time the contract will cover, the terms of the contract and the sale.
3. We receive offers from potential customers and transfer them to seller.
4. The transaction then takes place between the buyer and the seller.

It is acceptable for the vehicle to remain in use during the term of the contract, and this can also allow the potential buyer to see the vehicle in operation.